Many of you might be familiar with the hibernation feature of Windows. Although this feature is not enabled by default you can easily enable it with a simple command.

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If you have been running Windows 7, you can follow our how to enable/disable hibernation feature in Windows 7 guide (this guide will work with Vista as well). And if you don’t like to use hibernate feature and still want to quickly resume work, here is a small utility that makes it happen in a simple way.

Cache My Work 

Cache My Work is nifty utility that allows you reboot without losing your place in your work. It builds a checklist of currently open applications, and will restart the apps you’ve selected the next time you logon to the computer.

Using this utility is very simple. Whenever you want to reboot/shutdown you machine, just run Cache My Work and then select applications in the cacheable applications list. You can select one or more applications as well. Before you exit Cache My Work, you must click Save button.

 cache my work options

Once you reboot your Windows, wait for a few seconds to see applications and windows opening automatically.

But note that this is not an alternative to hibernate feature as your work will not be saved when you click Save button in Cache My Work. It will only reopen cached applications for you. So don’t get confused this feature with Windows hibernation.

Download Cache My Work