We all know how easier it is to rename a drive (partition) in Windows. In the past, we covered how to show/hide drive letter in Windows 7 & also how to assign a unique drive letter to your USB drive.


But naming your CD/DVD drive is not an easy task, especially for a novice user. To name the CD/DVD drive, you need play with Windows registry. Here is a smart utility that allows you name your CD/DVD drive in a jiffy.

Drive Namer is small portable utility for Windows 7, Vista and XP that allows you name your optical drive in a simple way.

Drive Namer Utility

This is a portable utility, which doesn’t require installation. Simply download the program and run the program with administrator rights (right-click on the program and select Run as administrator). Last but not least, you can revert the default drive name using reset button.


Overall it’s a handy utility to customize your optical drive name. The program is just 26 KB and can be downloaded from the link given below.

Download Drive Namer