Most of us use one or more Google services in our day to day life. If you use Google Voice, Gmail, Google Calendar, or Google Reader, here is a brilliant application that allows you keep track of all that stuff without the help of a web  browser.


Here are the features of Googsystray:

Google Voice is the most feature-filled service at the moment. There’s almost no reason to ever go to the ‘actual’ GV page. You can hit a hotkey and pop up a ‘new SMS’ dialog, and of course replying to unread SMS is already in there. There’s no current support for listening to voicemails, although you can see the transcripts.

GMail support is limited. GST is able to monitor your Inbox and any other labels you choose, notify you of new emails, and let you know how many unread emails you have in each label. You’re also able to mark messages read, spam, or delete them.

googsystray for gmail

Google Reader support is limited to notifications on new RSS articles. It supports a ‘low water mark’ — that is, it won’t notify you until the number of unread articles has reached a configurable point. I find it’s very helpful in managing my feeds without either getting overwhelmed, or wasting time checking it constantly.

Googsystray for google reader

Google Calendar support is limited to notifications on upcoming events (if you’ve set an alert on the actual Google Calendar page.

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