We all know how to hide Windows 7 taskbar by enabling the Auto-hide the taskbar option in Start menu properties. By hiding the taskbar you will be able to browse with more screen area. But it is a tedious task to open and change the settings again and again.

windows 7 taskbar small

Taskbar Hider is a small utility for Windows 7 that aids you create a custom hotkey to show/hide taskbar. The utility is very simple and easy-to-use.

taskbar hider tool settings

Download, extract and run this utility to see an Taskbar Hider icon in the system tray. You can use the default Windows + X keys to hide/show taskbar. If you want to create a custom hotkey, right-click on Taskbar Hider system tray icon and select settings.

Under settings, you can assign your own keys as the hotkey to perform this task.By default, Taskbar Hider will not load at Windows startup. Open Taskbar Hider settings and then enable Load on startup to load this utility at startup.

Download Taskbar Hider