Another Friday is here and today it’s time to play a flash game on the boss’s time. Today we take a look at Right 2 Point, which is a free flash game where you need to click and point to kill the baddies before they get you.

Right 2 Point

At the main page you can start a game right away or read the story behind it.

When you begin a new game it goes through a short story that explains your character and a bit of the story. Luckily you can skip the intro so you don’t have to watch it every time you play.

The Tazering Goons start walking toward you and “taze” you with their fingers. You need to control the mouse and left-click to kill them before they get to you.

As you continue on you advance levels. The meters at the top show your Finger Skills and there is a radar at the upper right corner that shows Goons approaching.

Some of the Goons can be killed with body shots and others need to be hit in the head. You can also slow them down when the clock icon is in front of them.

If the Tazering Goons get the best of you, you can play again or invite some friends to play as well.

This game is a lot of fun and as a funny story, with a cool rock music sound track. Start off the new year right and waste time at work with this fun first person pointer until the bell rings.

Play Right 2 Point