Another Friday as arrived and it’s time to have fun and forget about spreadsheets, meetings and documents. Today we take a look at Battlefield Heroes which is a free online first person shooter game developed by EA.


To begin playing Battlefield Heroes you must register for an account. Here we take a look at installing it with Firefox. You need to install the Battlefield Heroes Updater and restart Firefox.

When you get back you’ll need to install the updater.

Accept the EULA…

Then wait as everything is downloaded and installed. It’s a fairly complex game so the amount of time it takes will vary.

After installation is complete you can start playing right away.

Playing Battlefield Heroes

When you first start out you might want to go through Basic Training so you can get a feel for the controls and learn what they do.

You start out completing different assignments throughout the tutorial…just follow the arrows to the next one.

You learn how to enter tanks, planes, jeeps and other vehicles and maneuver them.

Driving a jeep to the next checkpoint for a new assignment.

Learning to use weapons and attack enemies…

Firing at other tanks in the tutorial…

Flying a plane around… this is very fun and you can shoot targets as well.

There are plenty of settings you can change from the video and audio quality to keyboard controls.

You’re allowed to create up to three hero’s and can choose the way they look and the type of soldier they are including a gunner, soldier, and commando.

Unfortunately while I was writing this up I was kicked off the server during battle because I was idle and trying to get screenshots. But I’m sure you get the idea of the game. During the game other players can hop in a vehicle with you and shoot at the enemy while your driving. It’s kind of a “capture the flag” type rules. The controls are fluid and the graphics are very nice. It’s definitely a lot of fun.

Even going through Basic Training is a fun experience and would be perfect while you’re at work. Then when you get home and have free time you’ll be ready for real battle. We’re interested in hearing from those of you who have played the game. Tell us what you like or don’t like about Battlefield Hero’s.

Play Battlefield Heroes


It is another Friday and you’re sick of entering data and reviewing spreadsheets.  So today we will show you the fun action-puzzle game Excit! which helps you break away from spreadsheet chaos.

Playing Excit!

The goal of Excit! is to navigate the cross around the spreadsheets obstacles and reach the exit without leaving the screen.

After each level you complete you’re given a password so you don’t have to go through all the levels every time you play.

Another goal to work at is collecting MIS logos scattered throughout the levels.

As you progress through levels they become increasingly difficult and add more challenges and include different items to collect to complete the level.

This game is a lot of fun and helps you get away from the normal drudgery of looking through spreadsheets by putting a fun twist on them.

Play Excit!

Another Friday is here and today it’s time to play a flash game on the boss’s time. Today we take a look at Right 2 Point, which is a free flash game where you need to click and point to kill the baddies before they get you.

Right 2 Point

At the main page you can start a game right away or read the story behind it.

When you begin a new game it goes through a short story that explains your character and a bit of the story. Luckily you can skip the intro so you don’t have to watch it every time you play.

The Tazering Goons start walking toward you and “taze” you with their fingers. You need to control the mouse and left-click to kill them before they get to you.

As you continue on you advance levels. The meters at the top show your Finger Skills and there is a radar at the upper right corner that shows Goons approaching.

Some of the Goons can be killed with body shots and others need to be hit in the head. You can also slow them down when the clock icon is in front of them.

If the Tazering Goons get the best of you, you can play again or invite some friends to play as well.

This game is a lot of fun and as a funny story, with a cool rock music sound track. Start off the new year right and waste time at work with this fun first person pointer until the bell rings.

Play Right 2 Point

Friday has arrived once again and that means it’s time to sluff-off at work and play some flash games until the whistle blows. Today we get into the holiday spirit by bringing you some holiday and winter themed games that are sure to keep you entertained.

Snowball Breakout

This game is much like Breakout but with Santa holding a snowboard and your breaking up presents instead of bricks. It’s a lot of fun!


Play Snowball Breakout

Santa Snowboard

In this simple game you use the spacebar to jump over snowmen, turkeys, snowball piles and more. Use the up arrow key to perform tail grabs while making the jumps.

2Santa Snowboard

Play Snowboard Santa

Snow Line

In Snow Line you draw a line of snow with your mouse to guide Santa to all the presents and the finish area.



Play Snow Line

Sleigh Shot

Sleigh Shot is a take on Micro Olympics but is themed with Santa and his wife in competition. You shoot Santa and his sleigh out of a cannon and try to get the furthest distance. You can buy upgrades like Skis, Thrusts, and call on Freaky.


sleigh shot

Play Sleigh Shot

SnowballFight 3D

In this one you run around in a 3D environment and throw snowballs at others on the screen. You can duck, jump, aim, and throw snowballs during the fight.


Play SnowballFight 3D

These games should keep you busy until quitting time and you regain your freedom. What about you guys? Do you have any favorite holiday games you play this time of year?

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