Hard drives almost always contain some potentially compromising information, such as credit card and social security numbers. You should always wipe a hard drive before turning it over to someone else. But that job is particularly difficult if the hard drive no longer works. (See Remove Sensitive Data Before You Sell an Old PC for wiping healthy drives.)

But why would you even need to secure a drive that doesn’t work? As rgreen4 pointed out in the original forum discussion, if the drive’s electronics are fried but the mechanical components are still working, someone could fix it without destroying your data, which could then fall into the wrong hands.

What you have to do is find someone who can degauss your drive. Translation: Someone who can erase it with a very powerful, very expensive magnet.

One thing you could do is talk to the people you’re returning the drive to, whether that’s the manufacturer (One of the Customer to whom I was providing the Support on his Cisco Router and he told that his drive died while under warranty) or a recycling center. They may offer a policy of degaussing drives when they receive them.

If they don’t, or if you don’t trust them, you can find a company in your area that degausses drives. The Customer went to http://anywho.yellowpages.com, searched for degaussing and his zip code, and found a place that would wipe the drive for $25. This link work if you are in US but if you are in India then you know that no online tool can explore the streets in our country. So I am sorry guys that you need to help yourself. And the best what you can do is, go to Nehru Place and find out some cool people who are included in such kind of stuff.


Secure Folder is a handy application for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 that enables you keep your files and folders safe.

secure folder modes

This program sports novice-friendly interface and features. Once you install and run the program for the first time, you need to choose between Low Security and High Security modes.

In low security mode your files are stored in an encrypted form on your computer. Thus even other person copies them over LAN or a Trojan horse copies them over Internet, the content is not readable without the 60 character “cypher” stored on your computer.

Secure folder

And in high security mode your files are stored in an encrypted form on your computer using a password chosen by you. The password is required to decrypt files every time you open your secure folder.

Finally if you use high security mode, where you need to enter a password, remember that you will not be shown OK button until your password is strong enough to secure the folder.

Download Secure Folder

Download Secure Folder (via Softpedia)

Another good free application to prevent unauthorized use of USB ports on your network. USB blocker is a free product of NetWrix (Microsoft Gold Certified Partner) corporation.

USB blocker comes in handy, especially, for organizations to control the use of confidential information, secure their network and comply with regulatory requirements. You can use this freeware to block all USB ports on the network easily. Using this tool you can prevent unauthorized use of removable media that connects to your computer USB ports, for example, USB drives, portable media players, and more.

USB blocker

Another advantage of this tool is simplicity, you can finish configuring USB Blocker with a couple of clicks. The program couldn’t be much simpler to use. You can include or exclude any computer from block USB devices list easily.

|Download USB Blocker|

In the past, we have covered several free Windows backup solutions including Easeus Todo Backup and Cobian Backup. Now here is one more free backup tool named as Comodo Backup that comes with several backup options.

comodo backup main

Comodo Backup packs in lots of features such as user settings backup, system partition backup, registry backup, backup to FTP server and more.

Apart from the default computer location, you can choose network, FTP or Comodo online storage as your backup destination. Likewise you can also opt for FTP, network or Comodo online storage as your restore paths. You can also password protect the files by entering a password under settings.

comodo backup


Key features of Comodo Backup:

# Backup files or folders to anywhere on your computer, network or FTP server

# Quickly restore data with a few clicks

# Fully featured scheduler allows you to run backups at a time that suits you

# Security features include password protection and data encryption

# Send e-mail notifications to one or more users about the status of a backup job

# Save disk space with multiple compression option

You can also find options such as processor usage, disk usage, shutdown after backup, e-mail notification about backup progress under backup settings option.

Download Comodo Backup