Microsoft’s latest operating system Windows 7 comes with 14 different sound schemes so that the end user can assign different sounds to custom theme packs.

sound scheme in Windows 7

If you are tired of those default sound schemes in Windows 7, here is a great freeware that lets you create your own fully customized sound scheme with a few clicks.

iFX seven sound creator

The program that we are talking here is iFX Seven Sound Creator. This program is similar to iFX Vista Sound Creator.


Here are the key features of iFX Seven Sound Creator:

# Create new sounds

# Test your sounds

# Uses new V4 base for more automatic sound creation

You need to follow six easy steps to create new sounds:

1. Choose your sounds.

choose your sounds

2. How should they be made: using iFX sound recorder, using audacity, downloading sound from “freesound” site, using other programs/sites, or using available sounds.

create sound scheme

3. Convert the files to wave format: using FreeRip (recommended), using Google Audio Converter, or using files already in .wav format.

convert sound files

4. Browse to the files location.

5. Re-name the files.

6. Open Control Panel and open Sounds properties. Browse for your sounds then click Save As and type in your sound scheme name.

Download iFX Seven Sound Creator