In October last year we took a look at awesome themes available for Windows Vista. Given that the Windows 7 is releasing in a few months, there are already several customized themes available to spice your desktop.


Even we had released a simple visual style for Windows 7 back in February named One World. You can also download our 14 awesome Windows 7 themes that comes with multiple wallpapers.

In this post, we are showcasing some of the best themes available for Windows 7 till date. Note that full credit goes to the respective authors.

1. Windows 8 theme:

windows 8 theme


2. Aero diamond theme (x64):



3. Max clear live black theme:

seven max clear for windows 7


4. Leopard theme:

leopard for 7


5. Sico theme:

sico for windows 7 final


6. One World theme:



7. Longhorn theme:




Tim Heuer, a Microsoftie, has created a 2010 themepack for Windows 7 using New Year wallpapers by popular Smashing Magazine.

2010 theme for windows 7

The themepack comes with 35 cool wallpapers and can be downloaded from the link mentioned below. If you like to use only the wallpapers present in the theme, please follow our how to extract wallpapers and sounds from a Windows 7 themepack. And don’t check out our 14 awesome Windows 7 themes.

Download Theme (via

As the Christmas is around the corner, we have created a beautiful Christmas themepack for Windows 7. This themepack contains 8 Christmas wallpapers and also Christmas icons.

Christmas theme for Windows 7

To install this themepack, simply download the file and then double-click on the file to install and apply.

All wallpapers are from Deviantart and credit goes to the respective artists.

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Download Christmas Theme (via Skydrive)

For further Query feel free to mail me at

If you are looking for a way to customize your XP machine for the holidays, you might want to install the oldie but goodie ChristmasTheme 2004 from Microsoft. Here we take a look at what you can expect when installing it on your XP computer.

ChristmasTheme 2004

After successful installation, the Display Properties window opens under the Theme tab and you need to click on Apply and Ok to start using it.


You’ll see it adds a neat looking snowy background with Santa Claus in his sled. It also changes the pointer and a few other icons like My Computer. Also when you boot up, it plays a Christmas jingle instead of the standard logon sound.


Here is a closer look at My Computer, My Network Places, My Documents, and the Recycle Bin icons after applying the theme. Also notice the pointer has been changed to a Santa ringing a bell.


Another cool feature is a neat 3D screensaver that shows Santa flying around and delivery presents.


You can change the theme back later by going into Display Properties under the Themes tab and selecting a different one.


Of course there are other Christmas and holiday themes you can download from customization sites, but this one is the official one offered by Microsoft. It gets the job done if you want to display the theme for a few days over the holiday season on your XP machine.

Download ChristmasTheme 2004 from Microsoft

Since it’s the holiday season we thought we would bring you a collection of quality desktop wallpapers you can add to your computer.

Click on the picture to see the full-size image—not all of them are going to fit every screen resolution so you might have to adjust them a little. They’re still fun, though.
















Microsoft has added a few more beautiful themes to their ever-growing Windows 7 themes gallery. As you may know, the official Windows 7 personalization gallery features over 60 Windows 7 themes.

new windows 7 themes

The new additions are Summit on the Summit, Twinkle Wish, Cats Anytime and Dogs in Winter. With the inclusion of these themes, the total number of themes in the personalization gallery increases to 66.

Installing a new Windows 7 theme is simple. Just download and double-click on the theme to apply it. If you want to uninstall a theme from Windows 7, refer our how to uninstall/delete a Windows 7 theme. You can also extract wallpapers and sounds from these themes by following our how to extract wallpapers and sounds from a Windows 7 theme guide.

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Download Official Windows 7 Themes

Previously we have featured 16 colorful Windows 7  basic themes here. This time around, we have another set of cool basic themes for Windows 7.

windows-7 logo

There are a total of 7 basic themes with different colors including pink, light blue, grey, yellow, dark blue and purple in this pack.

 windows 7 basic theme

The pack comes with all the instructions and tools that you need to install and use these themes in Windows 7. Note that these have  been tested only on x86 version of Windows 7.


If you don’t like to play with Windows system files, then follow our simple guide how to easily install or apply third-party themes in Windows 7 to install these themes in a jiffy.

Download Themes