Ylmf OS
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The Rain Forest Wind Chinese company presented (refer to it for further info)a few days ago their brand-new operating system, a hacked Ubuntu distribution that looks just like the ever-popular Windows XP operating system from Microsoft. Not only has the GTK theme been tuned to be like the Windows XP desktop, but the icons are also identical and the Wine software is present to allow the users to employ Windows applications. Above all that, there are also a lot of “under the hood” enhancements and many of those useful programs and tools that are not available in Ubuntu. Have a look below at some of the most important features added in Ylmf OS, compared with an original Ubuntu Linux distribution.
Highlights of the Ylmf Operating System:

· Fully skinned with a Windows XP look-a-like theme;
· Wine integration to emulate Windows applications;

· Ability to extract RAR archives with a single click;
· 3D desktop effects via Compiz Fusion (also includes a configuration utility);
· Integrated CHM viewer with the Chmsee gadget;
· Added the “Open in Terminal” add-on for Nautilus;
· Added aMule P2P file sharing software;
· Added Pidgin multi-protocol instant messenger;
· Added FileZilla FTP client;
· Added Claws e-mail client;
· Integrated the multi-threaded Downloader For X (D4X) file download tool;
· Integrated Dr.com graphical client for easy Internet;
· Lots of enhancements to the Mozilla Firefox web browser (FlashGot, D4X support, FlashAX, Alipay, etc);
· Added SMPlayer video player;
· Added Gecko Mediaplayer web video player;
· Helps files for OpenOffice.org;
· PDF reader;
· Chinese time zone;
· Tweaked the system menu and rearranged the shortcuts for easy usage of included apps;
· Various tweaks for mounting Windows partitions.
· Many other minor, but useful, enhancements!

All in all, you can download the Ylmf OS right now from Softpedia, and Happy New Year!